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Glen Alpin is 9 ½ acres of public open space where an outstanding stone Gothic Revival house built in 1847 awaits more restoration. It is located at 685 Mount Kemble Avenue in Harding Township, New Jersey and owned by the Township of Harding and the Harding Land Trust. The site connects us to the beginning of our country and the house is the best example of its style in New Jersey. The stories of the people who lived and died here over the last 300 years will enrich your imagination and understanding of our ancestors’ lives. Glen Alpin will see changes in the future, but we hope the history on this website will encourage you to preserve it. Caution: The house is not open to the public except by appointment. Walking can be hazardous due to deteriorating steps and recent storms.

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What's happening at Glen Alpin today

The township and the Harding Land Trust purchased Glen Alpin in 2004 with an understanding that the house and surrounding 3 acres were not included in the state’s Green Acres inventory. Some years later they were informed that the entire property is in Green Acres. This puts limitations on parking and septic systems, making it difficult to use the house as originally planned.


685 Mount Kemble Ave.
(Route 202) at Tempe Wick Road Harding Township, NJ

Who We Are

The Glen Alpin Conservancy is a group of business professionals and volunteers who joined to work with Harding Township during the rehabilitation of Glen Alpin.

Since 2004, we have worked toward the rehabilitation, preservation and public enjoyment of the historic house and grounds at Glen Alpin in Harding Township, NJ. The Conservancy is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) registered charity and all contributions are tax-deductible. The Conservancy has raised funds for the preservation of Glen Alpin and researches and shares information about the historic, archaeological and natural resources of this remarkable site. The Conservancy also promotes preservation of open space, historic sites and natural resources in the area around Glen Alpin.

As the township has applied to divert Glen Alpin from its Green Acres inventory, the Conservancy works to ensure that the goals of the original purchase are met.

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