Who Are We?

The Glen Alpin Conservancy is a group of business professionals and volunteers who joined to work with Harding Township during the rehabilitation of Glen Alpin.

Since 2004, we have worked toward the rehabilitation, preservation and public enjoyment of the historic house and grounds at Glen Alpin in Harding Township, NJ. The Conservancy is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) registered charity and all contributions are tax-deductible. The Conservancy has raised funds for the preservation of Glen Alpin and researches and shares information about the historic, archaeological and natural resources of this remarkable site. The Conservancy also promotes preservation of open space, historic sites and natural resources in the area around Glen Alpin.

As the township has applied to divert Glen Alpin from its Green Acres inventory, the Conservancy will work to ensure that the goals of the original purchase are met.

Join Today

This historic home, regardless of the outcome of diversion, must be preserved. To do this some maintenance is necessary. The graciously proportioned rooms of Glen Alpin’s first floor would be a charming place to hold small meetings, receptions, or even artistic or musical events. To continue advocacy for Glen Alpin, the Conservancy needs your help. Please join today by sending a contribution toward making Glen Alpin a special place that everyone can enjoy.

Board of Trustees


Mary Prendergast, President
Gwenn Claytor, Vice President
Linda Meister, Secretary
Gerald H. Bischoff, Treasurer
Suzanne Engel
Eleanor S. Weiner


Leslie Bensley
Barbara Brennan
Sally Dudley
Ellen Laird
John O. Lasser
Elizabeth Nitze
Nicolas W. Platt
Donald R. Sanderson
Maureen Soter