Glen Alpin was acquired for $1,400,000, as an open space property by Harding Township and the Harding Land Trust in October 2004 from Liang-Bin Jean and Su-Hsiang Jean. Harding Township owns 85.71% with the Harding Land Trust owning the remaining 14.29%. Funds for the initial purchase came from a variety of sources. Harding’s Open Space Trust (HOST) contributed $175,000 and the Harding Land Trust contributed $200,000. The Morris County Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund contributed $500,000 and the Morris County Park Commission contributed $75,000. The New Jersey State Green Acres contributed $450,000.

Since the Town has owned the property it has begun a historical restoration. The property is over 9 acres and the house contains 22 rooms on three floors plus a basement totaling 14,000 square feet. Only 9,000 square feet on the first and second floors would be useable and open to the public. The red tile roof has been replaced. In addition to the roof replacement, the project included chimney repairs, all new rain-water conductors, repair and painting of the original trim at roof level, and lightning protection.

Three feet from the edge of Mt. Kemble Ave, directly in line with the front of the house is a bronze plaque inscribed:
“In Memory of Peter Kemble 1704-1789 President of the Royal Council of New Jersey He lived, died and was Buried within these grounds Erected MCMXI (1911) By the New Jersey Society Of the Colonial Dames of America” 

A gravestone marks the graves of Peter Kemble and six members of his family.

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